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How to configure a P3P HTTP header

A P3P HTTP header is placed in the response headers of a web server. The header tag can be inserted directly in the web server (for instance in Apache or IIS). But an easier implementation is by placing the P3P tag directly in the application templates, for example with a header() command.

The P3P tag usually consists of 2 elements, the "cp" (compact policy) and "policyref". The compact policy states the abbreviations of the privacy articles that the websites uses. To see a full list of W3C policies, visit p3pvalidatortool.com

The policyref contains a link to an internet address. This internet address consists of an XML file that is located on the website. In the XML file, you'll find concise statements of the privacy policies, sometimes with links to web pages that have additional information about the privacy policy.

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